Yozis are those Primordials banished to Malfeas by the terms of the Concordant of Recreation at the end of the Second Age. They are 23 in number and include

Malfeas, once known as the King-in-Yellow

She Who Lives In Her Name

Adorjan, the Silent Wind

Cecylene, the Endless Desert

Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame

Isidoros, the Black Boar That Twists the Sky

The Ebon Dragon

Sacheverell, Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come

Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World

Szorenzy, the Forest Which Will Be Again

The terms of their banishment shaped the bodies of the Yozis into their new prison. Malfeas was turned inside out, and his brass flesh became the many-layered city itself, forever circled by his heart, the Green Sun, Ligier. Kimbery, who was once the principle of thought, became a sea of acid lapping forever against Malfeas’ brass walls. Cecylene who had been the principle of limits and borders is now the limitless border that traps the Yozis forever, sand stretching forever and without end to any side.


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