Scarlet Empress

The Scarlet Empress was the Dragon-blooded founder and sovereign of the Realm. She saved Creation during the Summer of Falling Petals, driving back the Fair Folk armies with the Sword of Creation.

Afterwards, she founded the Realm, a bastion of law and order in a near-post-apocalyptic world. Originally limited to the Blessed Isle, the Realm expanded outwards, offering smaller states in the Threshold protection, from barbarians, despotic gods, Fair Folk, and worse, in exchange for tribute.

The Scarlet Empress was a Fire-aspect of enormous beauty, in addition to her wisdom, cunning, and strength. She was known to possess a great talent for sorcery, strategy, and for feng shui.The Great Houses are her descendants, either founded by one of her children, or consorts.

Five years ago, she disappeared, causing a crisis now known as the Scarlet Succession.ScarletEmpress.jpg

Scarlet Empress

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