The Realm is the largest political state in Creation in the Fifth Age. It is based on the Blessed Isle, which it holds in totality, and has other holdings in every part of creation, from the Neck in the West, to Whitewall, the Linowan Nation in the Northeast, and nearly the entire South, from An-Teng to Harborhead.

The Realm is based on a class structure and the Immaculate Philosophy, which places the Dragon-blooded as the master of Creation, rightful lords over gods and men alike. Until recently, the Realm had been ruled by the Scarlet Empress, a Fire-aspect nearly 1,000 years old.

Below the Empress are the 11 Great Houses, mostly the children and grandchildren of the Empress herself. Over the centuries she has interwed her children and grandchildren with other Dragon-blooded from other lines, so that today most of the Realm’s Dragons come from the Dynastic lines. Including the mortal Dynasts, the Great Houses comprise about 1% of the population of the Blessed Isle.

Underneath the Dynasts are the Patricians, the upper crust and merchant class. They are mostly mortal, and tend to be traders, bureaucrats, skilled craftsmen, military officers and other middle-ranking occupations. They comprise about 9% of the Blessed Isle.

The other 90% are peasants who have relatively short and brutal, if also safe and stable, lives. The Immaculate Philosophy teaches that peasants who know their place and serve their masters loyally can earn a higher reincarnation in the next life, eventually becoming Dragon-blooded themselves. In the meantime, although most live an agrarian life with demanding work, the majority of peasants on the Blessed Isle can expect to live to their mid-50’s, find a spouse, and raise children who are taught at least the basics of reading and writing from their local Immaculate Monk, with regular festivals and feast days to break the monotony of their labor.

The Realm has a population of about 200 million souls in an area roughly twice the size of China. The weather is temperate with regular and defined seasons. The land is fertile and also rich with metal and ores. There are a number of foothills and small mountain ranges approaching the center, giving way to the Imperial Mountain in the very center, the Elemental Pole of Earth and the anchor of Creation.

The Realm also controls areas outside the Blessed Isle, which those from the Blessed Isle refer to collectively as the Threshold.


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