Immaculate Philosophy

The Immaculate Philosophy is the dominant religion of the Realm and is maintained by the Monks of the Immaculate Order.

The Immaculate Philosophy teaches that as each life passes, it is judged on its virtues, including its humility and acknowledgement of its place in the universe, and then reincarnated into a new form. The ultimate form, for those who have lived virtuous and enlightened previous lives, is that of one of the Dragon-blooded, the most enlightened beings in Creation, who hold back the Fair Folk, and who saved the world from the Anathema, who served the Yozis.

The Immaculate Philosophy forbids the worship of gods by mortals; gods deserve respect and offerings, but to worship them is blasphemous; only the Five Elemental Dragons themselves, who were the first and most enlightened of the Dragon-blooded, are worth of worship. Immaculate Philosophy teaches mortals to take their needs and fears to their local Monk, who will act as intermediary to any gods. Mortal Monks who are properly educated in the Way of the Dragons can handle most local gods, but should be careful to consult with their Exalted betters before entering any serious exchanges.

The Immaculate Philosophy views many things as a threat to the natural order of Creation, from the Fair Folk to the Deathlords, but perhaps the greatest threat of all is the Solar Anathema. The Immaculate Philosophy does not condemn the Unconquered Sun, but rather holds that, warped and insane and driven by their Yozi masters, the Anathema viewed the Unconquered Sun as an object of worship, rather than a powerful servant of Creation, as all gods are.

Immaculate Philosophy

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