Immaculate Order

The Immaculate Order is the organized clergy of the Realm, preserving and leading the Immaculate Philosophy. The Order teaches the supremacy of the Dragon-blooded over mortals and gods alike, but of course, like most functions of the Realm, the majority of the Order is composed of mortals.

The Order has a hierarchy, of course. At the bottom are the mortal monks who make up the bulk of their number. These mortals have virtuously accepted their place as servants to the more enlightened Terrestrials, and have dedicated their life to following the teachings of the Five Dragons, in hopes that in the next life, they might be worthy of the Dragon’s Touch. They do most of the sustaining work of the Order, and many of the smaller villages in the Realm have only a mortal monk to beseech unless they want to spend a week travelling to a major town.

The Itinerants are wandering monks who are almost always Dragon-blooded, or the escorts to a Dragon-blooded Itinerant. These are the highest ranking Monks, or people at all, that many of the Realm’s villagers will ever meet in their lives, and many farmers go to their graves remembering the day that a true Dragon blessed their house.

The Wyld Hunt is operated by the Immaculate Order, although it recruits from the military as well, and in truth, the monks are a minority within the Hunt itself. Still, those who do operate within the Hunt tend to be high ranking.

Other Monks operate in major towns and cities and have a rigidly determined ranking, from local Priest to the very top, the Mouth of Peace who leads prayer for the Dynasts in the Palace Sublime within the Imperial City.

The most feared among the Immaculate Order, regardless of rank, are those who have mastered on of the Five Elemental Styles of martial arts. These are often the vanguard, not only of the Immaculate Philosophy, but of the Realm itself, wandering martial artists who go into uncivilized lands to tame wayward and blasphemous gods and the cults of the Yozis.

Immaculate Order

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