House Cathak

Cathak is the third oldest extant House, Cathak himself having been born over six centuries ago. House Cathak has always had a military bent, although less exclusively so than their rivals, House Sesus. Cathak’s militaristic streak has always been balanced by a certain religious piety and a reputation as fair-minded rulers. Unspoken inside the family is the hedonistic tendencies its members so often exhibit in their youth.

Cathak has small holdings in every corner of Creation save the East, but far and away the most important holding is the Lapland.

Cathak commands some 25 legions, the most of any House, although Sesus is not far behind with 22. They have a small fleet, mostly transports that are lightly armed, with a handful of assault biremes.

Cathak is a wild card in the Scarlet Succession; they had a certain respect for House Tepet, but with Tepet out of the picture, neither House Mnemon nor House Ledaal has impressed the elders of Cathak. Ledaal and Mnemon certainly recognize that Cathak is the most powerful undeclared House, and will undoubtedly bid very highly for its support.

Most Cathak who exalt become Fire-aspected, although there is a strain of the family who tend to Wood-aspects. Overwhelmingly the family sends its young exalts to the House of Bells. Although the family is religious, they try to discourage their children from going to the Cloister of Wisom, seeing military service as its own way of following the Dragon’s Path.

House Cathak

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