Dragon-blooded are Exalts, chosen by one of the Five Elemental Dragons. The most notable difference between the Dragon-bloods, also called the Terrestrial Exalted, and the other Exalts, is that the Dragon-blooded can pass on their blessing to their offspring. This blessing is balanced by the Dragon-blooded being considerably weaker and shorter-lived than their Celestial Exalted counterparts; most Terrestrial Exalts live no more than 500 years at the very longest.

In the Primordial Wars, the Dragon-blooded marched in legions underneath the command of the Solar Exalted and Lunar Exalted generals. At the end of the Third Age, the Dragon-blooded host rose up, guided by the Bronze Faction, in the Usurpation, murdering their Solar lords, and scattering the Lunar survivors to the edges of Creation.

The Dragon-blooded formed the Shogunate, which ruled Creation for over 3,000 years, until the Contagion and the Summer of Falling Petals. The Realm is now the de facto center of Dragon’s blood, although the city-state of Lookshy also boasts many Terrestrial lineages, and everywhere Lost Eggs pop up.

Dragon-blooded have five different types: Air-aspect, Earth-aspect, Fire-aspect, Water-aspect, and Wood-aspect.


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