In a world with beings made of fire, floating mountains, gods and dragons, the definition of what is called “magic” varies widely from person to person, culture to culture.

Most sages define sorcery as the bending of reality to one’s will. Throughout Creation, one can find shamans, soothsayers, and hedge-witches of all description. Mortals who learn lengthy and complex rituals to curse their enemies with infertility, increase the coming harvest, or bring rain. Throughout the South, diviners are highly valued, finding water springs in the thirsty land. In the Southeast, shamans learn of the valuable healing properties of various plants and animal glands, as well as how to twist the blood of a sacrifice into a vengeful curse. In the frozen North, witches learn how to drive away hungry wind spirits with midnight rituals, covering themselves in whale blubber and juniper berries.

True Sorcery is more rare. In the Realm, those odd and talented souls who show an early predilection for the secret arts are set aside and given special training, finally entering the Heptagram. The Scarlet Empress and her daughter Mnemon were both talented sorceresses. With the disappearance of the former, the latter has arguably become the most powerful sorceress in Creation.

In the Threshold and beyond, true sorcerers are more rare than on the Blessed Isle. Some god-blooded learn some fundamentals of the arts, and Lost Eggs can become practitioners, with time and a little luck.

It has been rumored in recent years that the newcomers from the Shadowlands, who call themselves deathknights, have sorcerers in their ranks.


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