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  • Fair Folk

    The Fair Folk are the oldest. They predate the [[Realm]], they predate the [[Shogunate]], they predate the [[Solar Deliberative]] and they predate the [[Primordials]] themselves. They have always lived in the [[Wyld]] only they wouldn't like the words " …

  • Wyld

    The Wyld borders [[Creation]] on all sides. Creation came from the Wyld, and Creation will return to the Wyld, at least according to the [[Fair Folk]].

  • Border-marches

    The Border-marches are the area of the [[Wyld | Wyld]] that exists on the borders of [[Creation]]. Here, the [[Fair Folk]] must take physical fixed forms, but the laws of Creation are uncertain, and unprotected mortals are always in danger of mutating.

  • Behemoth

    Behemoths are enormous creatures that roam the distant [[Wyld]], rarely seen even in the [[Border-marches | Border-marches]]. No two are identical, and they are usually eighty feet tall or more.

  • Noble

    The highest ranking and most intelligent of [[Fair Folk]] are called Nobles. Although they can vary in appearance depending on the nearest [[Elemental Poles | Elemental Pole]], the most common type of Noble are [[Cataphracts]], and indeed the two …

  • Cataphracts

    A type of [[Fair Folk]] [[Noble | Noble]] found in all quarters of [[Creation]] and the [[Border-marches | Border-marches]]. They are usually seven feet tall or so, with pale milky-white skin, graceful and alien beauty, and usually capable warriors. They …

  • Gossamer

    A material used by the [[Fair Folk]], the secret of its making has been lost to [[Fifth Age]] scholars. It is extraordinarily light, nearly weightless, and hard as steel. It has been said that in the [[Third Age]], [[Airships | airships]] were made …

  • Bouda

    A type of [[Fair Folk]] [[Goblins | goblin]] that dwell in the [[South]], they are about four and a half feet tall, with hyena-like features. They are generally dumb and violent.

  • Goblins

    The term "goblin" is used to describe a class of [[Fair Folk]] that are diminutive and usually of minimal intelligence. They tend to exist in large numbers and follow the orders of [[Noble | Nobles]], or even [[Trolls]].

  • Trolls

    "Trolls" can refer to most types of [[Fair Folk]] that are neither [[Goblins | goblinoid]] nor [[Noble | Noble]]. They tend to be tall, anywhere from six feet to twelve, and are more intelligent and less numerous than goblins, although less intelligent and …

  • Wyld-barbarians

    Wyld-barbarians is a generic name for any sort of savage, bandit or refugee living near the borders of the [[Wyld]]. Often afflicted with mutations, especially those who have lived in such areas for generations. They often raid settlements near the [[ …

  • Rakshasa

    A type of [[Fair Folk]] [[Noble | Noble]] native to the deep [[South]]. They appear as hybrids between tiger and humans, and wear traditional nomadic clothing, although usually with more ostentation.

  • Ol'yaashaanai

    A type of [[Trolls | troll]] native to the deep South. They have grayish green skin and coarse red hair, and their necks are long, comprising nearly a fourth of their considerable height, usually ten or so feet. Their fingers are knotty but strong, and …

  • Boilertown

    A neighborhood on the borders of the [[Asshole]], running along the banks of the [[Bahash'ai | Bahash'ai]] and abutting against the [[Old Foundry]] to the south and east. Only the foolish and desperate explore the neighborhood, although on the outskirts …

  • Arczeckh

    A ruthless band of [[Wyld-barbarians | wyld-tained barbarians]], often afflicted with fur and dog-like faces and extra teeth. Covered in piercings, every Arczeckh files their teeth upon their first kill. Those who reach approximately twelve years of age …

  • Onwachigan, the Painter

    He keeps a studio in the [[Old Foundry]]. The [[Whistlers]] keep him around for his prophetic paintings. You can almost always tell when he's working on one of those because his eyes glaze over in a swirl of colors, and for an hour or two or three you …

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