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  • Storm's End

    An academy of [[sorcery | sorcery]] founded in the late [[Shogunate]], and destroyed in a magical disaster that killed all the school's students and faculties, with the exception of [[:mnemon | Mnemon]].

  • Heptagram

    An academy for sorcerers in the [[Realm | Realm]], the Heptagram replaced [[Storm's End]] after the previous academy was destroyed, along with the entirety of its faculty and student body - save for [[:mnemon | Mnemon]].

  • Magic

    In a world with beings made of fire, floating mountains, gods and dragons, the definition of what is called "magic" varies widely from person to person, culture to culture. Most sages define sorcery as the bending of reality to one's will. Throughout …

  • Chezextal

    Chezextal is an erudite and extremely sociable individual. Since his arrival in [[Chiaroscuro]] three weeks ago, he has quickly won over most of the Delzhan nobles, and has even enjoyed private dinners with [[:ledaal-wu-joon | Ledaal Wu-Joon]], and [[: …

  • Nans

    No one knows very much about Nans; as far as [[Forty-Three | Forty-Three]] is concerned, she came with [[Underbridge Manor | the place]]. When they first moved in, they were unsure what to do with the old woman who occupied a small room, nearly a cupboard …

  • Onwachigan, the Painter

    He keeps a studio in the [[Old Foundry]]. The [[Whistlers]] keep him around for his prophetic paintings. You can almost always tell when he's working on one of those because his eyes glaze over in a swirl of colors, and for an hour or two or three you …

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