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  • Imperial Mountain

    [[File:409473 | class=media-item-align-none | imperialmountain4.jpg]] The Imperial Mountain has also been called Mount Meru, in the [[Third Age]], and Heaven's Height, in the [[Second Age]]. It is the [[Elemental Pole]] of [[Earth]], and is the anchor …

  • Palace Sublime

    The Palace Sublime is the seat of the [[Immaculate Order | Immaculate Order]]. It is a massive stone complex in the western portion of the [[Imperial City | Imperial City]], and is at most times home to hundreds of [[Dragon-blooded]] martial artists. It is …

  • Heptagram

    An academy for sorcerers in the [[Realm | Realm]], the Heptagram replaced [[Storm's End]] after the previous academy was destroyed, along with the entirety of its faculty and student body - save for [[:mnemon | Mnemon]].

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