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  • Flametongue

    Flametongue refers to a language family extending throughout the [[South]], arguably the largest of [[Creation]]'s language families. It tends to sound hurried and harsh, and those unfamiliar with it often think that its speakers are always yelling or …

  • Wavetongue

    The language family spoken by those who live in the [[West]], it has smooth and constant tonal shifts, with frequent popping noises and mumbling sentence ends. There are literally hundreds of dialects developed on the many thousands of islands that dot the …

  • Windtongue

    Windtongue is spoken by the inhabitants of the [[North]], and is thus one of the smallest of [[Creation]]s language families. It has large airy vowels and wide breathy gaps. One of the major dialects is spoken by the [[Icewalker]] tribe.

  • Forestongue

    Spoken by the many inhabitants of the [[East]], with dialects wide and varied as the many trees in the deep eastern forests. In the northern parts, the [[Linowan]] and [[Halta | Haltans]] each have their own distinct dialect, while a dozen different …

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