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  • Fifth Age

    The Fifth Age [[Realm Calendar | began on the day]] that the [[Scarlet Empress]] activated the [[Sword of Creation]], ending the [[Summer of Falling Petals]] and sending the [[Fair Folk]] howling back into the Wyld. - 0 A5 The end of the Summer of …

  • Battle of Heaven's Height

    The battle that ended the [[Primordial Wars]] and the [[Second Age]], fought at [[Imperial Mountain | Heaven's Height]], between [[The Last Circle | the Last Circle]] and [[King-in-Yellow | the King-in-Yellow]].

  • Usurpation

    The Usurpation occurred at the end of the [[Third Age]], when the [[Dragon-blooded]] rose up with the aid of the [[Bronze Faction]], overthrowing their [[Solar Exalted | Solar masters]] and slaying them.

  • Second Age

    The Second Age began with the birth of humanity and ended at the [[Battle of Heaven's Height | Battle of Heaven's Height]]. Historians estimate that it lasted somewhere between 100,000 to 500,000 years, during which time humans were little more than self- …

  • Southern Campaign

    The Southern Campaign was a military campaign by the Army of the [[Incarnae]] during the [[Primordial Wars | Primordial Wars]]. It ended in disaster when [[She Who Lives In Her Name | She Who Lives In Her Name]], the most powerful of the Primordials, took …

  • Turrim Invictus

    Turrim Invictus was the center of worship of the [[Unconquered Sun]] during the [[Third Age]], a breathtakingly tall structure of gold, from which the Zenith would lead prayer throughout the city, their voice amplified throughout the hearts and ears of the …

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