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  • Flotsam

    [[File:380493 | class=media-item-align-none | medieval_fantasy_port_by_lotharzhou-d7yzs5y.jpg]] Flotsam is [[Chiaroscuro]]'s harbor district, where ships from all along the [[Inland Sea]] unload their wares for the [[Bazaar]], southern [[Varangia]], or …

  • Bay of al-Hirzhara

    [[File:380514 | class=media-item-align-none | istanbul-wallpaper-10.jpg]] The Bay of al-Hirzhara is the gateway to the [[South]]. Here, hundreds of ships unload their wares and travelers to the bustling hub of [[Chiaroscuro]], and hundreds sail out into …

  • Prihat's Eye

    Prihat's Eye is an ancient, leaning lighthouse in the [[Bay of al-Hirzhara | Bay of al-Hirzhara]] that still flickers on, occasionally and randomly, though it no longer moves. The lighthouse doors were long since blocked by stone, but there are secret …

  • Bridge Qa'alhazz

    A rickety bridge connecting the island of [[Mir'a'feh]] with the mainland to the south, connected at the narrowest point of the [[Sal'er'eun Inlet]], and also where the cliffs overlook the largely abandoned piers of [[Pang-xie]]. Below it is [[Underbridge …

  • Pang-xie

    Pang-xie is a neighborhood in [[Flotsam]]; once a prosperous harbor area, it has fallen into decline over the past decades due to the much larger piers at [[Al'majid]]. Within its derelict shores one can find [[Underbridge Manor | Underbridge Manor]].

  • Al'majid

    Al'majid is the neighborhood within [[Flotsam]] where the more successful and important merchant ships dock and unload, and home to the main customs office. It is well guarded by the troops of [[:sesus-felix | Sesus Felix]].

  • Chiaroscuro Guildhall

    [[File:600545 | class=media-item-align-none | 1st_class_smoking_saloon_by_novtilus-d5dn21w.jpg]] Located near the Tri-Khan's customs office in one of the less chaotic neighborhoods of [[Flotsam]], the Guildhall is like many Guildhalls throughout …

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