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  • Majihigan

    Majihigan was a small town somewhere near three weeks ride southeast of [[Thorns | Thorns]]. It was the home of the god [[:pong-su | Pong-Su]], and was burned to the ground by Cathak Perrin.

  • Pong-Su

    Patron god of [[Majihigan]] for most of the [[Fifth Age]], Pong-Su is one common example of a roaming god and a group of refugees forming a symbiotic relationship. From the outside Majihigan was a prosperous small town, with a busy trade in sandalwood and …

  • Onwachigan, the Painter

    He keeps a studio in the [[Old Foundry]]. The [[Whistlers]] keep him around for his prophetic paintings. You can almost always tell when he's working on one of those because his eyes glaze over in a swirl of colors, and for an hour or two or three you …

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