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  • Dryharbor

    [[File:406245 | class=media-item-align-none | zabol_Town_by_coochaki.jpg]] A major trading hub on the coast of the [[Tsu-Dian-Pei | Tsu-Dian-Pei]]. It is the base of operations for [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]] and the terminal point of the [[Southern Road …

  • Council of Four

    The ruling body of [[Dryharbor]], composed of [[:effendi-za-al-haffa | Effendi Za'al'haffa]], [[:jethohanna | Jethohanna]], [[:ledaal-gallius | Ledaal Gallius]], and [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]]. They meet at [[Pilgrim's Hall]] every Monday, [[Marday]], and [[ …

  • Pilgrim's Hall

    A tall, open hall with vaulted ceilings of alabaster. Rich tapestries depicting feats of the [[Kha-Khan]] hang on the wall; a few show chapters of the life of [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]]. Potted pomegranate and tangerine trees fill the room with their sweet …

  • Dryharbor Library

    [[File:406523 | class=media-item-align-none | the_library_by_DawnElaineDarkwood.jpg]] Smaller, of course, than the great [[Library of Hal-Chi | Library of Hal-Chi]], the Dryharbor Library never-the-less sports a collection of over ten thousand books, …

  • College of Dryharbor

    [[File:406529 | class=media-item-align-none | back_street_by_jordangrimmer-d6yzf6g.jpg]] A densely concentrated cluster of buildings to the northwest of town center, the College is far less professional than the universities of the [[Broken Jaw]]. Here …

  • Temple of Yu-Tian

    A massive columned structure, an imitation of [[Third Age]] architecture. The building sits at the top of a hill a short distance from the harbor. Its columns are each forty feet tall and doric, and in the center of the temple is a courtyard of kumquat and …

  • Rabszolga's Bungalow

    A square adobe structure a block away from [[Jethohanna's Guildhall]]. [[:rabszolga | Rabszolga]] is often here, meeting with various [[Guild]] and [[Delzhan]] traders and slavers.

  • Jethohanna's Guildhall

    The headquarters of the Tailor of Dryharbor, [[:jethohanna | Jethohanna]]. A long hall, sparsely decorated, with well-tended herb gardens and small stone fountains. In the back garden there is a shrine to [[Mercury]].

  • Za'al'haffa's Mansion

    A large ochre hacienda with a shimmering pool of white and blue tile, with three wings behind a twenty foot wall in the uptown of [[Dryharbor]]. Maintained by a small army of slaves, [[:effendi-za-al-haffa | Za'al'haffa]] and his wife and many children and …

  • Gate of the Windswept Pilgrim

    The northern gate leading into [[Dryharbor]], named after the ship for which [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]] began life as a small god. It opens onto the [[Southern Road]].

  • Realm Barracks

    Positioned near the [[Gate of the Windswept Pilgrim | Gate of the Windswept Pilgrim]], the [[House Ledaal | Ledaal Garrison]] stays here, about three hundred strong and under the leaderships of [[:ledaal-gallius | Ledaal Gallius]].

  • Old Man Al'khal's

    A curiosity shop run by [[:old-man-al-khal | an ancient Delzhan]], it's a famous spot among thaumaturges and shamans, rich with wonders and texts taken from the tombs and forgotten islands all along the [[Tsu-Dian-Pei]].

  • Retirement Bay

    A bay to the west of the town, filled with [[Sandships | ships]] in various states of disrepair. Perhaps as many as a hundred ships sit here. It is considered off limits to the public, guarded by [[Delzhan]] riders.

  • Yu-Tian

    Yu-Tian is an enterprising and practical [[Terrestrial]] god. She has, over the last few centuries, turned the trade of [[Sandships | sandships]] into [[Temple of Yu-Tian | a booming business and de facto cult]]. Her blessings make her especially popular …

  • Rabszolga

    A known friend to the [[Guild]], he has also frequently been spotted talking to his fellow [[gods | god]], [[:ahlat | Ahlat]]. He is a practiced socialite and is quite popular with the [[Delzhan]] gentry. He keeps a [[Rabszolga's Bungalow | bungalow]] …

  • Za'al'haffa Effendi, Duke of Dryharbor

    The oldest surviving brother of [[Elad]], the mother of [[:wazhu | Wazhu]] and the first wife of [[:urahim-iv | Tri-Khan]]. His family is a respected one, being descended from Ja'faheem, one of the [[Kha-Khan]]'s first and most stalwart companions. He …

  • Jethohanna

    Daughter of a Guildsman and [[Chu-Gao]], the goddess of the [[Breadroad]], Jethohanna was born into her trade, at which she has excelled. While [[Dryharbor]] might seem like a meager post in comparison to the cosmopolitan [[Chiaroscuro]], it has …

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