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  • Yu-Tian

    Yu-Tian is an enterprising and practical [[Terrestrial]] god. She has, over the last few centuries, turned the trade of [[Sandships | sandships]] into [[Temple of Yu-Tian | a booming business and de facto cult]]. Her blessings make her especially popular …

  • Lilisassa

    The [[bird-maiden | bird-maidens]] occupy a series of islands in the southeastern section of the [[Tsu-Dian-Pei]], and have been for the past few decades, victims of frequent slaver raids - from the [[Guild]], as well as the [[Pontusian Alliance | …

  • Do-Tsu-No

    Known to have held essentially the same position for as far back as the [[First Age]], he has little patience or understanding of the games of power that other gods, such as [[:ahlat | Ahlat]] or [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]] play.

  • Pontus

    Pontus is known as god of battles on the [[Tsu-Dian-Pei]], but he is also god of the deeps, of cards, of erotic poetry and a dozen other small domains he has beaten out of would be competitors over the past several centuries. [[:yu-tian | Yu-Tian]] and the …

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