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  • Desolate Court

    The Desolate Court is the court of [[Terrestrial | terrestrial gods]] that hold sway in the [[Northwest]]. Having the least populated corner of [[Creation]] as a dominion led to the name, and the members are generally a dour lot who have earned their name …

  • Po the Younger

    Po, the daughter of the [[:isa-vares | crow avatar]], has traveled with many sailors. Finding a suitable companion was usually by convenience and judge of character. Her favorite choices were usually sailors and especially captains, as they provided the …

  • Iolana the Hullbreaker

    Iolana is one of the most feared gods in Creation. The entirety of the [[West]] either sails for their living or has direct family who does, and so prayers to Iolana are continuous and offering are made at small shrines throughout the Western Islands, from …

  • Isa Vares

    Isa is a sour and unhappy god, in [[Desolate Court | a sour and unhappy court]], in a desolate and sour corner of the world. His mood has been little improved since [[:poe | his daughter]] ran away from home.

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