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  • Primordials

    In the beginning, there were 39 Primordials, who each embodied the abstract ideas that made existence as we understand it possible. For example; [[Adorjan, the Silent Wind]], who was once called Aridiane, the River, represented the principle of order and …

  • Yozis

    Yozis are those [[Primordials]] banished to [[Malfeas]] by the terms of the [[Concordant of Recreation]] at the end of the [[Second Age]]. They are 23 in number and include [[Malfeas]], once known as the [[King-in-Yellow]] [[She Who Lives In Her Name …

  • Hirakoyi

    Demons of the [[First Circle]]. They have bronze colored skin, pocked and with the texture of sandpaper, and three segments in each arm. Their jaws distend and contain three rows of teeth, and they have dull yellow eyes with no pupil.

  • Ligier

    [[Third Circle]] [[Demon]]; the [[true soul]] of the [[King-in-Yellow]], now known as Malfeas. [[File:381877 | class=media-item-align-none | The_Mad_Sun_of_Malfeas_by_kiyo.jpg]]

  • josuri

    Demons of the First Circle. Children of [[Zsofika, the Kite Flute]], they devour their victims shin-bones, which appear in the banners that follow their mother, filling the air with a maddening whistling.

  • Zsofika, the Kite Flute

    [[File:409458 | class=media-item-align-none | zsofika.png]] Demon of the Second Circle, the Messenger Soul of the Prince Upon the Tower. Summoned over the dying embers of a fire, Zsofika appears to take up her arms and begin a celebratory hunt that …

  • Chozoiri

    [[Demons]] of the [[First Circle]], children of [[Osuuriad]], they dwell in whirlpools and feed on the souls of damned sailors. Commonly called into [[Creation]] as a means of naval warfare, they have a tendency to slip through their restraints and wander …

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