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  • Realm Calendar

    The Realm Calendar divides every year into five seasons. Each season is three months. Each month is four weeks. Each week is seven days. At the end of every year is a five day period called the [[Calibration]]. Year 0 of the Realm Calendar was the …

  • Ascending Earth

    The month of Ascending Earth marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, although in the [[South]] the distinction is somewhat academic.

  • Monday

    The second day of the week, sacred to [[Luna]]. A day on which changes are considered blessed, and stoicism is thought exceptionally difficult. Craftsmen consider it a good day for transforming materials into finished works, although it is often thought …

  • Season of Fire

    The Season of Fire marks the hottest portion of the year, and is preceded by the [[Season of Wood]]. [[Ascending Fire]] marks an auspicious time to begin love affairs and artistic pursuits, while [[Resplendent Fire]] is a month for fierce battles. As the …

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