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  • the Point of the Western Compass

    The Point of the Western Compass was a [[direlance]] of [[starmetal]] and [[Orichalcum | orichalcum]]. It was 8 and a half feet long, with a shaft of an odd, dark wood that is always quite cool to the touch. The handle is leather, studded with mother of …

  • Eye of Autocthon

    The Eye of [[Autocthon]] was an [[artifact]] of incredible power from the [[Second Age]]. It is unclear whether the Eye was actually part of the [[Primordials | Primordial']]s body, or whether it was simply made by him. It was wielded by [[Pu-Chien]], and …

  • Azure Hegemony

    [[File:383044 | class=media-item-align-none | Weapon_Design__Blizzagian_by_CBJ3.jpg]] A powerful [[daiklave | daiklave]], passed down through [[House Ledaal]].

  • Sweet Serenade

    A lute made of deep red cherrywood, with [[soulsteel | soulsteel]] filigree along its edges and soulsteel strings. Its song is eerie and mournful and seems to echo inside one's head.

  • Reprisal

    A [[Moonsilver | moonsilver]] [[kusarigama | kusarigama]] wielded by [[:yawp | Yawp]]. The chain is twelve feet long, and the sickle end gleams and is etched with runes. The handle has a [[hearth-stone | hearth-stone]] setting.

  • Thundering Cricket Chorus

    [[File:422875 | class=media-item-align-none | thunderingcricket.jpg]] A [[Shogunate]] [[Man O'War | man o'war]], the flagship of the [[Sand Fleet]], captained by [[:ragara-yun-lei | Ragara Yun-Lei]]. It has a length of 212 feet, with a beam of 39' and …

  • Essence Cannons

    Essence Cannons were made beginning in the [[Second Age]] during the [[Primordial Wars]], and their manufacture continued into the late [[Shogunate]]. Generally about 7-10 feet in length, and weighing up to ten tons, they were barrels of iron or steel …

  • Wild Lament

    A [[soulsteel | soulsteel]] [[Goremaul | one-handed mace]], simply shaped into an orb covered in sigils , on an iron shaft wrapped in leather. On the butt of the handle is a small chain, ending in a hearthstone setting, in which is currently set a gray, …

  • Seal of Solar Authenticity

    A small ring of [[Orichalcum | orichalcum]], that costs 1 mote to attune to, and then instantly resizes itself for its new owner. It bears the symbol of the [[Unconquered Sun]], and is otherwise quite plain. When used to close a letter, the owner can …

  • Grimcleaver

    A one-handed ax made of one of the [[Magical Materials | magical materials]]. A two-handed ax is called a grand grimcleaver. In the [[Third Age]], these weapons were particularly favored by [[Lunar Exalted | Lunar Exalted]].

  • Lightning Gauntlets

    Claws or weighted gauntlets capable of channeling essence into lightning bursts. Commonly found paired on [[Dragon Armor | Air Dragon Armor]]. Rare in the [[Fifth Age]].

  • Endless Canopy

    A bo staff carved from a single strip of bark taken from the [[Elemental Pole|Elemental Pole of Wood]], wielded in battle by the Solar hero [[Gaowang Hao | Gaowang Hao]]. It could change shape and would fight on its masters behalf, growing in size, lashing …

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