Goddess of the Ummah al-Arishaakh


A tall woman with four arms and gray-purple skin, she is always seen wielding a bow and wearing fine-spun linen. She is usually direct and has little patience for frivolity.


A ronin goddess in the early Fifth Age, Tsu-Ak-Kwao, fell in with a similarly displaced band of survivors somewhere between the Tsu-Dian-Pei and the Badlands. The arrangement proved fruitful; although she had previously been a goddess of a textile town, its proximity to the Southern Wyld had prepared her for harsh environments. Her tribe grew in size and power over the next several centuries, until meeting an aspiring warlord on the field of battle. The warlord defeated the Ummah al-Arishaakh, but was so impressed with them and their patron goddess that he brought them into his growing Delzhan army, and the tribe’s leader became one of his companions. Thus, the Ummah al-Arishaakh were among the first tribes to join the nascent Delzhan.

Today, Ts’Aokuo, who has adopted a Flametongue version of her old name, guides her tribe together with Aazim. They are both somewhat concerned with the question of succession.


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