The Vulgar Crowd

Mukti's recnetly destroyed gang


Mukti’s recently dissolved gang and de-facto family, The Crowd was led by “Well-Heeled” Marcus- a Lookshy native and ex-Seventh Legion quartermaster. They cultivated a reputation in the Chiaroscuro underworld for well planned burglary targeting the personal riches of foreign merchants, stealing artwork and antiquities, relatively small in number but high in value. This allowed them to under-report the majority of income to the agents the black scarab society, which principally stemmed from short but elaborately planned confidence games that included masquerading as exiled satraps, dispossessed princes, corrupt customs collection agents, and, on one occasion, members of the all-seeing eye and wild-hunt.
The Crowd was destroyed, rather unfortunately, due to a concatenation of circumstances; posing as alchemists commissioned to fumigate a warehouse of carpets of an imaginary parasites before said phantoms could devour the owner’s goods, they failed to account for the secret interests of Zegra-Ha and Zegra-ha; a failure that brought the Haz’shel and the howlers to their hide-out.


The Vulgar Crowd

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