Tar'iqh bin-Yoesh'an, Effendi al-Jheetani

Al-Jheetani Nobleman


A muscular older man with a cataract over his left eye, he has excellent posture and is always warm enough to lower one’s guard, without ever allowing anyone to completely relax. He is an excellent conversationalist, and tends to use body contact in conversation with even casual acquaintances – grabbing your shoulder firmly while asking you your opinion, that sort of thing.

He usually smells something like agave and vanilla.


Second cousin to Queen Mafassei, he grew up in the Azhpanian Hilllands, and came to Chiaroscuro to attend zet-Kahass – a highly unusual choice for one of the nomadic tribes. He joined the Ahsamiri League as a young man, an al-Jheetani nationalist group that opposed both collaboration with the Realm and submission to the Delzhan.

After his cousin married Urahim IV, and the nationalist groups lost steam, he returned to the Hilland tribes and has resumed a semi-nomadic existence, occasionally coming to the city to visit his extended family – he never married himself, and is rumored to prefer the company of men.

He is a vocal proponent of putting Urahim V on the Amber Throne, and is quite adept at citing Wazhu’s many character flaws without quite sounding like he’s insulting him.

Tar'iqh bin-Yoesh'an, Effendi al-Jheetani

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