Queen Mafassei

Al-Jheetani Queen of the Delzhan


A middle-aged woman of the al-Jheetani, Queen Mafassei is the soul of dignity and authority. She has a steely gaze that can make even Exalts uncomfortable, and her wrath is feared throughout the Delzhan Empire.

She stands about 5’4", with graying blonde hair, and light caramel skin. Whatever she wears IS the Delzhan fashion; high-born ladies flock to her parlors in desperate hopes of staying up to date with the season’s sensibilities. Currently she favors light, breezy clothing of white and pale yellows and browns.


She is the second wife of Urahim IV, and she knows that it was a purely political arrangement. She has always lived in the shadow of Urahim’s first wife, Elad, for whose grave he built a massive garden in the middle of the Amber Palace, where he spends much of his time.

She has no intention of letting some idiot run the Empire when the Tri-Khan dies. She plans to put Urahim V on the throne instead – her main difficulty is getting the Delzhan to accept a al-Jheetani on the Amber Throne.

Queen Mafassei

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