Old Witch of Underbridge Manor


A crone for as long as anyone can remember, she has an unsettling effect when she enters a room, most often attributed to some combination of her cataracts, twisted fingernails, almost-scaly skin and wheezing. She has a number of mice on her at at any time.


No one knows very much about Nans; as far as Forty-Three is concerned, she came with the place. When they first moved in, they were unsure what to do with the old woman who occupied a small room, nearly a cupboard, in the basement. Some of the early gang’s members voted to simply off her, but when they were found the following morning with their hearts exploded in their chest, cowered in the corners of their rooms, the rest decided to leave her be. From time to time the gang’s elders consult with her or ask for talismans, and rumor has it that she was the one to name the gang “43”.


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