Mnemon Shu-Pang

Earth-aspect Leader of the Wyld Hunt


Shu-Pang is an Earth-aspect, with chalky white hair and sandstone colored hair worn short. She has a broad, sturdy build , and although conveying a stony exterior, among her troops she opens up and is well-respected – from a distance. She wears heavy white jade plate, and wields a white jade tetsubo called Tax-Collector, whose head is shaped like a pagoda.

She has under her command Tepet Jackrabbit, Cathak Ivar, Cathak Chiu-Pei and a dozen Imperial Light Footmen.


Mnemon Shu-Pang is the eldest daughter of Mnemon. She has little of her grandmother’s social flare, and is even less charismatic than her mother. She is, however, renowned as a strategist and a fighter. She authored the eleven part revision to the Thousand Correct Actions that is still taught in the House of Bells and more recently authored a popular book on the use of various wood elementals in combat, supply line harassment, and reconnaissance.

She fought in the Army of Ten Thousand Dragons for over a century and a half, personally leading a campaign against the Ice Walker tribe a century ago that redefined the boundaries of the Linowan Nation rather favorably. She also participated in six Wyld Hunts over the course of her life, five against Lunar Exalted, and another against a Solar Anathema in the Eastern kingdoms. She has been in a semi-retirement post for the past decade, stationed in the small Eastern kingdom of Woltha, to the south of Linowan lands. She was pulled from that station and assigned to the Wyld Hunt abruptly and inexplicably a year and a half ago.

She has been in Chiaroscuro for a month now. By most of the natives, she is taken for a Gray Sash.

Mnemon Shu-Pang

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