Mnemon Corita

Betrothed to Unsa'ali, Daughter of Mnemon


Mnemon Corita is a beautiful young Earth-aspect, wearing a silk dress of shimmering white, often with colorful scarves, a fashion she picked up in An-Teng. Her skin is nearly alabaster white itself, as is her hair. She stands about 5’2".


The daughter of Mnemon, she was sent to live with her cousin, Mnemon Corioulos, at a young age. Corita grew up far from the splendor and pomp of the Imperial City. Chiaroscuro is thrilling for her, significantly bigger than Ispata Kamala, the capital of An-Teng. She has started falling in withCathak Chiu-Pei and Tepet Jackrabbit, and has also been seen at the sordid soirees of Cynis Nagezzer.

Mnemon Corita

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