Cathak Hadius

Disgraced Immaculate Monk, Vibus's Old Master


A man of the Realm, seemingly in his late thirties. His hair, worn shoulder length, is green tinted brown, and his skin has green veins, with bits of what appear to be oak bark around the back of his head and neck. He generally appears relaxed and easy-going.

He is proficient with a variety of weapons but prefers using a bokken, a gift from Shirogashi, the god of white oak trees.


Cathak Hadius was a renowned Itinerant Monk for nearly a century. He shut down sacrifical cults, destroyed despotic gods, defeated a fae noble in single combat and was generally regarded as a paragon of virtue and strength. About twenty years ago he left the order inexplicably, and few knew why. Months later rumors started surfacing about him; he’d been caught setting up a cult in the East, he’d engaged in orgies with gods, he’d blasphemed the Dragons. No one has seen him in over a decade, but he is still regarded as a cautionary tale of how the mighty can fall.

Cathak Hadius

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