Venerable Immaculate Monk


Albatross wears the simple robes of a journeyman Monk within the Immaculate Order. He is obviously quite old, probably approaching the end of his life, which puts him at well over 400. His skin is deep, deep blue, near black, and he smells like a cold mountain tarn. When he speaks, one can almost hear the sound of waves gently lapping, and his eyes are so liquid one wonders how they don’t wall out of their sockets.

He carries simple iron dragonclaws, forged into the likeness of krakens.


No one is entirely sure what Albatross is doing in Chiaroscuro, but it is incredibly bad form to turn away such a venerable monk, no matter how much he brings the party down. He has been seen at a number of Dynastic events during the Bicentennial, but doesn’t appear particularly sociable.


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