The Heroes of Heaven's Height

Getting Around the Wiki

Step 1. Create Your Character

You can either go to the character page ( or you should have a tab at the top of the screen that says “+New”. When you’re making your character, be sure to check the box that says “Player character”

To the right of the character screen is a section for tagging. If you start typing, some of tagging options pop up. Add “Solar Exalted”. You can also add your national origin; “Western”, “Delzhan”, “Dynast”, “Tengese”, “Marutian”, etc. You should also at this stage start a tag for your character and their NPCs and items. Just make it your first name.


It gives you the option of doing a character sheet – don’t worry about that, just get the background and the description in here. Your physical sheet will cover your stats. The wiki is for meta-information.

Try to find a picture to represent your character. Either photographs or illustrations are fine, as long as it helps other people visualize them.

Step 2 Make Background Pages

After you’re done with the main event, you can make accompanying pages for NPCs, places, events, items, animals, or any other concept that matters to your character. Character pages should be for people who are part of the ongoing story – familiars, allies, important contacts and followers, etc, can go here. If you have a nemesis, this is also the place for them.

All other entries should go to the wiki itself.

To link back and forth, you can either click the buttons that should be to your right, saying “Character Link” or “Wiki Link”, or you can do it manually. To do it manually for a wiki, just put it in brackets. I’ll show examples but have the brackets backwards. Type ]]bit[[ to link to the wiki page bit. If you want to include it as a link but call it something else, just type it with a vertical bar after the word, and then what you want to call it in the current context. ]]Mercreday|yesterday[[.

CAPITALIZATION AND USE OF ARTICLES MATTER WHEN CREATING WIKI PAGES. You may notice that I didn’t realize that when I started, so some older entries have uncapitalized names or articles. I highly recommend NOT including the articles “the” or “a” or “an” when creating wiki pages, even if it’s tempting. If you want to reference the 8th Cathak legion, just drop the “the” and add it manually when linking, if appropriate.


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