Ummah al-Arishaakh

Ummah al-Arishaakh, meaning Nation of the Blessed is a large tribe of Delzhan nomads that occupy a general area between Dry Rock and the edges of Creation. They are particularly stubborn about making their homes in places considered uninhabitable, and consider the barren deserts of the South a challenge.

Like most nomadic tribes, the Arishaakh are largely self sufficient and prize their independence, but are known to engage in regular trade with other tribes and merchants from Chiaroscuro. Their main engagement is sheparding, but they are known in particular for their weavers, whose rugs and linens are prized by the wealthy Delzhan of the cities.

Arishaaki arts and culture revolve almost exclusively around warfare and surviving their environment. The deserts they inhabit are considered both the source of life but also an opponent. In much Arishaaki art the desert is dramatized as a female warrior, who carries a sheep’s heart in one hand and a human heart in the other.
They are a very rigid and militaristic society, and all of their able men are trained in warfare.

The current leader of Ummah al-Arishaakh is Aazim.

Ummah al-Arishaakh

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