The True South is defined by the two opposite mountain chains, the Cinderpeaks and the Mountains of Summer, that run in the west and the east respectively. To the west of the Cinderpeaks is volcano, marshes, steam vents and jungle, and to the east of the Mountains of Summer is dense rainforest, with increasingly tall and rich canopies the further east you move. In between these mountain chains, along the edge of the Inland Sea, are rolling hillsides and rich orchards of dates, apricots, olives and lemons, with famous vineyards and spice-fields. As the hills flatten to the south, the badlands open up and become the Tsu-Dian-Pei, the Great Southern Desert, an ocean of sand that is home to only the hardiest of human life, although it has its own strange ecosystem.

The people of the South are dark-skinned, ranging from near-black to dusty brown. Hair color tends towards warm hues; red, orange, and yellow, ranging from the ruddy browns and straw-blonde of the Delzhan, to the bright red and orange of the Laplanders.

The South is largely under the sway of the Realm, at least for two hundred miles reach from the Inland Sea. Further into the badlands and the desert, Realm control disappears, and roaming bandits and nomads vie for existence in the harsh terrain.

Major players in the South include

-the Lapland
-the City-State of Paragon
-the Delzhan Empire
- the Varangian Confederation
- the Phorsycian League
- the Pontusian Alliance


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