Scarlet Succession

The Scarlet Empress is gone, and even the most loyal of her children can no longer deny it. Whether she lives or not, the world stands on the brink of chaos, and a strong hand is needed to guide the Realm through these times of tumult.

Of course, not everyone agrees on who that strong hand should be. Until recently, the lead contenders for heir to the Scarlet Throne were Tepet Arada, a grandson of the Empress and a respected general, and Mnemon, the Empress’s daughter and a renowned sorceress.

But House Tepet lies broken and humiliated after being badly beaten by the Anathema known as the Bull of the North. What could have been an easy coup for House Mnemon has turned into an opportunity for Tepet’s erstwhile ally, House Ledaal, who are forwarding the well-respected and capable satrap of Chiaroscuro, Ledaal Wu-Joon as their candidate.

So far Mnemon has the unspoken backing of House Ragara, with their deep coffers, and the military might of House Sesus, while House Ledaal has managed to woo House V’neef with its Guild connections and House Peleps with its naval might and command over shipping commerce. The other Houses have yet to declare, but time is slipping by and the possibility of civil war looms in everybody’s mind. With nearly half the Houses undeclared and not thrilled by either of the main candidates, some whisper of a promising young officer stationed in the Southeast.

Scarlet Succession

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