Harborhead is a nation east of the Varangian Confederation and south of Thorns, reaching from the Inland Sea to the slopes of the Mountains of Summer. It is under the control of the Realm, and specifically House Sesus. Given the war-like nature of its people, only Sesus has been able to control the nation, although the eternal squabbling of its five tribes has been a considerable aid to the House. The current satrap is Sesus Tei-du.

The five tribes are

-The Tutuni, who are lighter than the other tribes, generally being a medium tan, with light orange hair. They live along the coasts and have recently made a name for themselves as tradesmen.
-The Brakhani, a semi-nomadic people with a long tradition of story-telling and an affinity for the occult. They are tall, with a rusty tint to their dark skin and brick-red hair.
-The Tokikari are a broad-shouldered tribe with brown hair and coffee-colored skin. They have a secret language of clicks and whistles, and are the most prosperous and favored of the tribes at the moment.
-The Izhalui are a lanky, dark-skinned tribe, who have been making a concerted effort to assimilate with Realm culture; as a result, they often have Realmish eyes and white or jet-black hair.
-The Shayanti are the least numerous tribe, short mountain dwellers who are also masters of healing and herb lore. They are most well-known as fierce warriors, however, which may have necessitated the herb lore. They have deep brown skin and bright yellow, curly hair.

All five tribes worship the Incarnae, but have a special place of reverence for Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle.


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