The Bicentennial is a week-long celebration being jointly hosted by the Tri-Khan Urahim IV, and the Satrap Ledaal Wu-Joon, to commemorate the two hundred year old alliance between the Delzhan Empire and the Realm.

The celebration began on Sunday, the 1st of Resplendent Fire, and will continue until the Summer Solstice on the 14th.


Sunday, the 1st: opening ceremonies, including an hour long fireworks display to be put on by members of House Nellens and the Varangian delegation. Zegra-ha will open a new play at the Midsummer Stage.

Monday, the 2nd: the House V’neef Masquerade Ball, held in the Vineyards, in the mansion of V’neef Fei-Wong.

Marday, the 3rd: a martial arts tourney is being held in the courtyard outside the Shrine of Pasiap. It is being hosted by Nellens PlaCassHaAthTchTch, and it expected that the legendary monk Albatross will be in attendance as well.

Mercreday, the 4th: a race at the Tracks, by the various academies of the Broken Jaw. The same day will see races between the Delzhan Nobility and the Dynasts, with a finale of the bravest and best competing in a yoox-back joust. Zegra-ha and his prodigy Ha’a’siaq II have various betting pools going.

Jeupday, the 5th: a city-wide scavenger hunt, organized by Grandmother Bright. She organizes this event every few years, and only two people have ever successfully completed the hunt and earned her blessing.

Veniday, the 6th: the House Cynis orgy at the estate of Cynis Nagezzer, in the Vineyards.

Saturday, the 7th: public executions will take place at the gallows by the Old Fire, including the hanging of the murderous slave Bloody-tooth.

Sunday, the 8th: the Peasant’s Day, where the Nobility and Dynasts parade through Ba’a’pshu and the Asshole, showering the peasants with bits and candy.

Monday, the 9th: a Contest of Riddles is being held at the Broken Jaw and hosted by a panel to include Tar’iqh bin-Yoesh’an and Chezextal.

Marday the 10th: a melee, with rare and valuable prizes to be awarded by Ledaal Wu-Joon and Ahlat, at a designated clearing in the northeastern part of Ba’a’pshu

Mercreday the 11th: a sailing race out of the Bay of al-Hirzhara, sponsored by Peleps Lu-Chang. Chezextal will also be giving a lecture on the medicinal benefits of Fair Folk blood at the college of zet-Hai’aqai .

Jeupday the 12th: a one day carnival is to be held in Duston. The troupe is rather obscure for such a large booking, calling themselves the Meandering Pacifists.

Veniday the 13th: The Wedding of Mnemon Corita and Unsa’ali. Reception to follow at the estate of Queen Mafassei.

Saturday the 14th: A Gala Ball, hosted in the Amber Palace, by the Tri-Khan himself. Entertainment to include a show by Saliana, the Jewel of the Desert.


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