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  • Immaculate Order

    The Immaculate Order is the organized clergy of the [[Realm]], preserving and leading the [[Immaculate Philosophy]]. The Order teaches the supremacy of the [[Dragon-blooded]] over mortals and [[gods]] alike, but of course, like most functions of the Realm …

  • dragonclaws

    Dragonclaws are a type of [[tigerclaws]] used specifically by practitioners of [[Water Dragon Style]].

  • Water Dragon Style

    Water Dragon Style is one of the [[Five Elemental Styles]] of [[martial arts]] practiced by the Monks of the [[Immaculate Order]]. It makes use of [[dragonclaws]] and emphasizes the concept of fluidity in movement.

  • Five Elemental Styles

    The Five Elemental Styles are a grouping of five styles of [[martial arts]] practiced primarily by the Monks of the [[Immaculate Order]]. They are [[Air Dragon Style]], [[Earth Dragon Style]], [[Fire Dragon Style]], [[Water Dragon Style]], and [[Wood …

  • Bokken

    A wooden sword, usually in the same shape and size as a katana. Frequently used by [[Immaculate Order | Immaculate Monks]] of the [[Five Elemental Styles | Wood Dragon Style]], as it allows them to channel their natural toxins.

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