Criminal Prodigy Turn God-King


Mukti, In his undisguised state, stands 5’9" and 150 lb. His features are vaguely Merutian-Delzahn with a strong cinnamon cast. He moves with a self-assured grace incongruous with his gawky 16-year-old-frame. He smiles easily and often, although his sense of humor is sometimes so dark as to be discomfiting to others. During the hot southern days he covers his red-highlighted black hair with broad-brimmed hats that keep the sun from his small, black eyes. When he cannot avoid combat, he prefers to strike from a distance with Diatribe, his orichalcum sling.


Mukti’s parents died when he was too young to remember them. His earliest memories are of his life as a beggar, and a pan-handler; he soon found he was quick enough to pick-pockets and shop-lift. Under the tutelage of his elders, he developed a knack with locks and “second story” work. Mukti is good at mugging, better at burglary, but the thing he has always been best at is graft. Prior to his exaltation, he had been working as a “face” for a gang specializing in fleecing foreign merchants via fraudulent bonds and fictional ventures.


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