Sorcerer, Contender for the Scarlet Throne


Mnemon is a powerful elder Dragon-blooded, the daughter of the Scarlet Empress, and the founder of House Mnemon.

She resembles her mother very strongly, even having her bright red hair, despite being an Earth-aspect. She is about 5’7", and appears Chinese. She favors purple and white robes, and possesses a wide panoply of powerful artifacts, including a white jade crown and a patina brass censer.


Mnemon was born A5 380, and from an early age she proved to be exceptional. She exalted at barely age twelve, earlier than any of her siblings, and showed promise early on in the sorcerous arts. She was sent to Storm’s End the Realm‘s academy of sorcery at the time, but there was a terrible accident that destroyed the school, the island it was located on, and every one of the school’s students and faculty… except for Mnemon.

The Scarlet Empress herself then took on her education in sorcery, and Mnemon also learned the art of politics and strategy, though the Empress was famously cold to her pupil and daughter.

A few years later Mnemon married an older fellow Earth Dragon, and with the birth of their daughter, Mnemon Shu-Pang, House Mnemon was founded.

Mnemon has managed her household carefully and with a stony fist. She brooks no difference of opinion on what is best for the House, or who will marry whom. As a result, if she isn’t loved, she is respected and feared, and her House HAS prospered.

She now stands at the brink of a great possibility; she is a strong contender for the Scarlet Throne, but the same strengths that have brought her here have also made her unpopular. House Ledaal stands in opposition to her, as House Tepet did before it, with House Peleps and House V’neef. House Iselsi, House Nellens and House Tepet are almost certainly going to side with whoever isn’t Mnemon, but who cares about the riff-raff; if she can get the support of House Cathak, the rest hardly matter.


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