Masod Al'qanun

Chief Constable of the Tri-Khan's Gangbuster Division


As grizzled as they come, Masod stands 5’10 with back problems, and would probably clear 6 feet easily otherwise. He is nearly always chewing tobacco or smoking marijuana, and he has a perpetual five o’clock shadow.


Masod has had the thankless job of keeping Chiaroscuro’s gangs under control for three decades now. Usually this means acknowledging that his division is nowhere near funded enough to actually eradicate organized crime in a city this big. As a consequence, his real job is punishing those gang leaders who push too far, as was the case with the old leader of the Whistlers.

Some commoners gripe that of late the constabulary has come to resemble little more than yet another gang; they don’t gripe very loudly though.

Masod Al'qanun

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