Empress of the Bird-Maidens


Standing six feet tall, with a wingspan of fifteen feet and bright purple and red plumage, bursting with flame (especially when she’s angry), Lilisassa is an imposing figure. She has a strange accent when conversing in flame-tongue, and she quickly become irritated with people who seem to be wasting her time.


The bird-maidens occupy a series of islands in the southeastern section of the Tsu-Dian-Pei, and have been for the past few decades, victims of frequent slaver raids – from the Guild, as well as the Pontusian Alliance and Phorsycian League. Lilisassa has since taken a very negative view of humanity, and they now kill most humans they encounter.

She is a member of the Diamond Court, although she has been unsuccessful in petitioning Yu-Tian for aid in her people’s defense, perhaps due to the goddess’s partnership with Rabszolga.

She is defying Yu-Tian’s orders in attending the Bicentennial, using the chance to petition any well-placed and sympathetic ear she can find.


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