Ledaal Yao-Tsung

Ledaal Elder, Famous Warrior turned Philosopher


An older Fire-aspect, she stands only about 5’5" but seems somehow to occupy more space. Bits of ash float off of her hair and she seems to enjoy laughing, frequently engaging in what can only be called a “guffaw”.

She wears red jade articulated plate and carries a direlance which she calls Impassioned Contemplation.


Known as a great duelist during the 5th century, she has since turned her energy to spiritual matters, writing several books reflecting on devotion to Hesiesh. The daughter-in-law of old Ledaal himself, her opinion carries considerable weight within House Ledaal.

A year before her disappearance, the Scarlet Empress appointed Yao-Tsung a Magistrate, making her the last Magistrate appointed before the Empress’s disappearance. She has spent much of that career so far in the South, and learned much about local culture and history.

She has been teaching a course the past few months on ethics in warfare at zet-Bhu’shassa.

Ledaal Yao-Tsung

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