Ledaal Wu-Joon

Air-aspect Satrap of Chiaroscuro, Scarlet Throne Contender


Wu-Joon is a tall and lithe woman, about 5’11", with bright blue hair and a noticable electrical charge around her. Her skin is flecked with blue freckles, and her voice seems to carry even a whisper so strongly that she is always perfectly understood.

She wears the height of Realm fashion, and appears to be a bit vain. She is, nevertheless, a more than capable fighter and maintains a suit of Air-aspected Dragon Armor, and a blue jade daiklave called Azure Hegemony.


Wu-Joon is the Satrap of Chiaroscuro and a contender in the Scarlet Succession. She has not formally declared yet, but is clearly positioning herself against House Mnemon.

She is an elder Air-aspect, the second daughter of Ledaal. She is a noted scholar for her work on the reconstruction and maintenance of lightning arbalests, graduating from the House of Bells about three centuries ago, and has led several successful campaigns against the Fair Folk. More recently she has proven herself a capable governor in Chiaroscuro, getting herself reassigned from her previous post in the Linowan Nation when that satrapy was given to House Nellens.

She is well-liked by Tri-Khan Urahim IV, and was close to Yahsim as well. She has gained the support of House V’neef, and seems to be close to the Guild, though they have not made anything in the way of an official commitment. Admiral Peleps Lu-Chang, of the Fire Fleet has been in town for a month now, under pretext of the Bicentennial Celebration, though informed parties suspect that House Ledaal and House Peleps have come to some kind of agreement.

Ledaal Wu-Joon

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