Ledaal Gallius

Ledaal Magistrate of Dryharbor


A man in his mid-thirties, with blue tinted hair and skin, tall and lithe. He wields a blue jade war boomerang named Happy Returns, and wears light lamellar. He has a pleasant if easily bored manner.


Younger brother to Ledaal Wu-Joon. He lives in Dryharbor, where he is the appointed magistrate. He serves on the Council of Four, representing the Realm‘s interest. Like his sister, he gets along well with the Delzhan and has earned their respect (although his horsemanship is the subject of a number of jokes). He frequents the Dryharbor Library, and at the College of Dryharbor , he teaches Fifth Age history and High Realm to the locals. He has also been known to visit Old Man Al’khal’s, and has struck up a report with the old codger.

Ledaal Gallius

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