Lady Vesheq

God-blooded Proprietor of a Teahouse


Lady Vesheq is an attractive True Southern woman who appears to be entering middle-age. She has lustrous golden hair and smooth skin, and always smells faintly of lemon zest. She has a disarming smile when friendly, and when she is angry, small yellow bubbles start streaming around her head.

She is dressed in fashionable merchant-class Delzhan robes, and favors gold jewelry.


Lady Vesheq is the daughter of a Brakhani slave and the god of a lemon grove. She has lived in Chiaroscuro nearly her whole life, and has over the past two decades earned a market niche not only as the proprietor of a lucrative teahouse, but also selling her skills as a mid-wife and herbalist, helping various harem-slaves with unwanted… problems.

Lady Vesheq

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