Kharijah bin Aazim

Kharijah, son of Aazim


A smallish Gray Sash al-Arishaakhi man, he is a rather unimposing figure, especially compared to his father, Aazim.

He is frequently seen around the Broken Jaw or at the Library of Hal-Chi, invariably with a book under one arm, and accompanied by a large Hyena named Vaux.


A scholar since before his rite of passage, Kharijah was always interested in histories. As a member of a nomadic tribe, he always took stops in civilized towns as a chance to absorb whatever the local library had to offer. When he came of age to attend secondary academy, he excelled in zet-Pa’atoph, finishing top of his class. He took a couple classes with Prince Wazhu, and is rumored to have been the main reason the budding alcoholic made it through Nature of the Fae 502.

Kharijah bin Aazim

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