Tailor of Dryharbor


A woman of mixed Laplander and Tengese stock, broadly built and of middle age. She has a withering glower when annoyed and an ability to make one feel as though they’re not getting to the point quick enough. Her hair is a deep scarlet, and her eyes are maroon.


Daughter of a Guildsman and Chu-Gao, the goddess of the Breadroad, Jethohanna was born into her trade, at which she has excelled. While Dryharbor might seem like a meager post in comparison to the cosmopolitan Chiaroscuro, it has considerable distance from the Delzhan Weaver, which allows her to concentrate on running her affairs.

Jethohanna maintains the town’s Guildhall, and she has her own spartan but elegant three-story home nearby. She serves on the Council of Four.

She has been a friend of Zegra-ha’s for decades. She is in town on business.


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