Iolana the Hullbreaker

Goddess of Storms on the Western Seas


Iolana is rarely seen, but it’s said that she can take many forms. Sometimes she is a low hanging mist that floats over the waters. Sometimes she is seen as an enormous flock of seagulls without eyes, or as a towering gaunt figure, several stories high and made of driftwood. Her most common form when at various courts is that of a merwoman with a horned head.


Iolana is one of the most feared gods in Creation. The entirety of the West either sails for their living or has direct family who does, and so prayers to Iolana are continuous and offering are made at small shrines throughout the Western Islands, from Abalone to Onyx.

She is known for her caprice, and with each passing year her tribute demands become more demanding; she avoids crossing House Peleps and the Bodhisattva Annointed by Dark Waters, but all others have felt the increased strain of her tribute. She recently foundNeto’s most recent offering unacceptable, and so dashed his ship to splinters.

She is the premier god of the Desolate Court, and is given at least a token membership in every major court in the West, if only out of fear of appearing to insult her.

Iolana the Hullbreaker

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