Grandmother Bright

Goddess of Chiaroscuro


Grandmother Bright is the goddess of the city of Chiaroscuro. She takes the form of a kindly-looking elderly black woman, with white hair neatly secured in a bun by lilac and copper kanzashi. She wears robes of deep blue, purple, and white, and holds court in her sanctum, Grandmother Bright’s Square, a serene little neighborhood hidden behind lilac-covered alabaster walls.


She is known as a somewhat eccentric benefactress of the city, sending those who seek her favor on seemingly random tasks that often bear unexpected fruit. She is seldom seen outside of her Square itself, though she has ways of knowing what goes on beyond the alabaster walls.

She keeps a precise population of 1,001 living and 1,001 ghostly inhabitants in her square at any one time, and visitors are politely encouraged to move on after a night spent there. She always keeps the ghost of a pretty young boy nearby as an attendant, and seems to rotate through them fairly regularly.

Grandmother Bright

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