God of Reincarnation on the Tsu-Dian-Pei


The god-ruler of Tania prefers the form of a majestic, tall man, seemingly made of goldenly gleaming sand, and enshrouded in pure white linen. He is genial and has a deep laugh that sounds a little rehearsed. He speaks very deliberately and with an air that implies that he is imparting great wisdom on those lucky enough to be around.


Not many people openly talk about it around him, but it’s well circulated that Fazha’ali, during the shogunate, was an extremely minor god in charge of those cao-rin who would be reincarnated up the ladder. He was obviously ambitious, however, because in the chaos of the Contagion and the Summer of Falling Petals, he managed to work/cut his way up to god of reincarnation. Since then he has also become the ruler of the comfortably prosperous islands of Tania.

It’s widely whispered, given recent events, that Fazha’ali may have been the one to prompt the Committee to form the Chatoyant Court.

He situated himself near the Shroud in hopes of being able to collaborate with Do-Tsu-No, but it’s rumored that the death-god can’t stand him.

Alone among the pantheon beneath Yu-Tian, Fazha’ali successfully petitioned his way into attendance of the Bicentennial. He has been pretty far from subtle about his attempts to ingratiate himself with nearly anyone who could even theoretically assist his disproportionate ambitions.


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